Video EEG

An EEG measures the electrical activity in the brain. A video EEG involves the addition of a video recorder during the course of the test. The duration of the test ranges from one to four days, depending on the physicians’ orders. An EEG technician will complete the setup in and go over specific instructions in detail. The setup usually takes 60 - 90 minutes. The patient wears the equipment at home and disconnects at a specified time.

Instructions Prior to Test

  1. If you need to reschedule or cancel your test, contact us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $75 fee.
  2. Plan to take time off from work or school for the duration of the test.
  3. If the patient has special needs or lives in assisted living facility, the patient will need 24 hour assistance for the duration of the test.
  4. Take your medications as prescribed unless otherwise instructed.
  5. Wear a shirt that buttons or zips. DO NOT dress in clothing that pulls over the head.
  6. Arrive with clean, dry hair. DO NOT use any oil, gel, hairspray, or any other hair products. DO NOT wear braids or weaves or pull up long hair.
  7. Some patients prefer to bring a hat or scarf to wear after setup as the head will be wrapped in gauze.
  8. The test is not painful, but, because the patient must carry the equipment and wear the electrodes for several days, it can be cumbersome. Patients are unable to shower for the duration of the test.

Setting Up for the Test

  1. When you arrive, the technologist who will perform your exam will take a medical history.
  2. The technician will have you sit down while they measure your head and mark your scalp with a washable pen or marker.
  3. Each marked area will be rubbed with a gritty gel to clean the scalp of dead skin, body oil, etc.
  4. The electrodes will be attached to the scalp with a very sticky paste and covered with gauze.

During the Test

  1. The test is either setup in the office or in the home. The actual recording takes place in your home.
  2. You will need to place the camera where it is able to record you at all times, except when you use the restroom or change clothes. You should try to be in the frame of the video at least 90% of the time.
  3. You will have support at all times of your EEG. Please call either 832-428-6556 or 832-962-9121 if you have any questions only during your EEG.

After the Test

  1. You will have a scheduled appointment to return to the office so that the tech can disconnect the Video EEG equipment. It is imperative that you return at the specified time so that the equipment will be available for the next patient's test.
  2. The disconnect appointment will take approximately 15-30 minutes.
  3. The electrodes will be removed from your scalp. In order to fully remove all of the adhesives from the scalp, it is necessary to wash you hair thoroughly at home.
  4. The tech cannot discuss results with you, but will give your test to the doctor to interpret. The office will contact you with results within 1 to 2 weeks.
  5. There is a possibility of developing scalp abrasions or skin sores where electrodes have been placed. If this occurs, keep the affected are clean and apply antibiotic cream such as.
  6. Neosporin twice daily and leave uncovered until the sore heals. It is very rare, but possible, that these sores could cause scarring on the scalp.

Synergy Diagnositcs will contact you to schedule your EEG. If you have questions, please contact them at 713-409-8699.