Medical Form Completions

Northwest Houston Neurology has partnered with HealthMark Group to ensure the accurate and timely completion of your medical forms.

Each form requested for completion will require a $35 fee to be paid directly to HealthMark Group. HealthMark Group will complete the forms upon receipt of the requested forms and a valid authorization. The estimated turnaround time will be 24-72 hours. If an email is provided, you will receive a response directly from HealthMark Group notifying you of the prepayment invoice. After payment, the completed forms may be downloaded directly through HealthMark Group’s website, or provided directly to you through an agreed to delivery method (i.e. secure email, mail, etc.)

If you would like to inquire on the status of your forms or have any additional questions, please call 972-895-2138 or email

Patients may submit their forms directly to and our office will forward them to HealthMark.